300/500V H05V-U/H05V-K/H05V-R PVC Insulated Cable

H05V-U cable is intended for the installation to the inside of apparatus as well as for the protective laying to the lightings, in dry rooms, in production facilities, switch and distributor boards, in tubes, under and surface mounting of plasters.


Voltage: 300/500V

1. H07V-U: Solid Copper,
2. H07V-K: Stranded copper class 5 according to DIN VDE 295
3. H07V-R: Stranded Copper Conductor

Insulation: PVC
Standards: DIN,
Technical Data: Max. operating temperature 70 ºC
Short circuit temperature 160 ºC

Packaging: c.100 = coil 100 m, c.200 = coil 200 m CUT= cable in different lengths on drum or reel, possible cutting at required length.


H05V-R cable is preferably for installation indoors, in cable ducts and in industrial plants or switching stations, under ground installation. Can be used in switchboards and distributor boards or where a thicker strand of multi-wire is required.

H05V-K cable is used for the internal wiring of electric motors and transformers as well as other electrical appliances and lighting applications. It can be used in and at electronic appliances for measuring, regulating and controlling. The cables are also ideal for laying in pipes, surface wiring and conduit installations.

H05V-U Technical characteristics:

No.No. of Cores xNominal OverallNominal
SizeNominal Cross Sectional AreaDiameterCopper
AWG# x mm²mmWeight kg/Km
201 x
181 x 0.752.27.2
171 x 12.49.6
161 x 1.52.914.4
141 x 2.53.524
121 x 43.938
101 x 64.558
81 x 105.796


H05V-K Technical characteristics:

1 x 1.5314,420
1 x 2.53,62430
1 x 44,13850
1 x 64,65865
1 x 10696110
1 x 167154165
1 x 258,5240242
1 x 359,9336350
1 x 5011,7480482
1 x 7011,7672662
1 x 9515,3912885

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