H07Z-U,H07Z-K,H07Z-R LSOH PVC Flexible Cable


Voltage: 450/750V
Conductors: annealed copper conductor acc. to EN 60228:
class 1-solid -H07Z-U,
class 2-stranded H07Z-R,
class 5 -flexible H07Z-K
Insulation: special thermosetting low smoke zero halogen compound type EI5 acc. to EN 50363-5 .
Insulated Material Character: LSOH – low smoke, zero halogen.
Colour of insulation: green/yellow, blue, black, brown, grey, orange, pink, red, turquoise, violet, white.


(300/500V)H05Z-U, (450/750V)H07Z-U LSOH Single Core PVC Cable

H07Z-U, H07Z-R, H07Z-K – single core Application:
Single core, non-sheathed cables are suitable particularly for situations in which low emission of smoke and corrosive gases is required in the case of burning. H07Z-U, H07Z-R, H07Z-K – single core, non-sheathed cables are intended for installation in surface mounted or embedded conduits, or similar closed systems. Suitable for fixed protected installation in, or on, lighting and control gear for voltages up to 1000 V a.c. or, up to 750V d.c .to earth.


(300/500V)H05Z-R, (450/750V)H07Z-R LSOH Single Core PVC Cable


1.Maximum conductor operating temperature: +90 o C
2.Lowest ambient temperature for fixed installation: -40 o C
3.Lowest installation temperature: -5 o C
4.Maximum short-circuit conductor temperature: +250 o C
5.Test voltage: 2500V
6.Flame propagation: EN 60332-1-2, EN 60332-3-24
7.Smoke emission: EN 61034-2
Corrosive and acid gas emission of insulation: EN 50267-2-2: pH 4,3; Conductivity: 10 S/mm EN 50267-2-1: HCL ≤

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