High Temperature Wire

Professional high temperature cable manufacturer from China, Meet your kinds of requirement Teflon, FEP, PFA insulation high-temp cable. With over 30 years production experience and 15 years export experience, factory price without any third party.  The cable size can be customized and On-time delivery.

ETFE/FEP/PFA Teflon High-temp Wire

Voltage: 600V
Conductor: Tinned Copper/Silver,
Cores: single or multi-core, 16-4/0 AWG PEP wire
Insulated: PFA Teflon/FEP/ETFE
Temperature Ratting: 130~150℃,180~200℃, 230~260℃
Braid: Tinned Copper Wire
Jacket: FEP
Standards: VDE0250 etc.
Color: White,Black,Red,Brown,Yellow,Blue, Green etc.
Application: They are the same with the temperature connect wires for headlamp, Home applicaton Industrial machine, electrothemrmal products.
Note: we accept customer’s OEM requirement for any wire and cable.
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PI ( Polyimide Insulation) Wire and Cable

Rated Voltage: 600V
Test Voltage: 2000V
Cores:1-19 cores
Conductor: Silver/Nickel plated copper
Insulation: Polyimide
Temperature:  -60’C ~+550C,
Color: White-Blue-Red-Black-Brown-Yellow-Green-Transpanrent-Yellow/Green.
Standard: iec/astm etc
Packaging: Iron or wooden drum
Applications: Various electric machineries, electronic ceramics, heating parts, car lighting, ballast etc.
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We can manufacturing the cable according your requirement.

PI high-temp cableHuadong Cable factory workshop:

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